Millionaires’ Financial Tips, Ameriprise Study

Our clients at Ameriprise recently released the results of a study we conducted with them about how millionaires built their savings. The headline finding: Investors with $1 million or more say “financial planning and investing” is the No. 1 action that helped them build wealth, followed by “making a good income” and “living within my […]

The Pandemic Has Shifted Financial Priorities, Ameriprise Study

Our client Ameriprise recently released results of a study we conducted for them, which looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the financial priorities of investors. Key findings include the following: Over 60% of respondents said the pandemic has heightened the importance they place on protecting their assets and preparing for financial uncertainty. Many believe they’ll […]

Overcoming Financial Setbacks, Ameriprise Financial

Our client Ameriprise Financial recently published results from a nationwide survey we conducted of Americans ages 30–70 with $100,000 or more in investable assets. This survey focused on major financial setbacks and how investors have dealt with them. Major findings include the following: Most investors (73%) have experienced at least one major financial setback of […]

Financial Attitudes and Behaviors Are Shifting, According to Ameriprise Modern Money Study

The Ameriprise Modern Money study, a recently released study that we conducted, finds that financial attitudes and behaviors are shifting. Overall, investors feel financially confident, but worry about the next generation in their family. Additional findings include the following: Parents are increasingly helping their kids financially. Parents are providing more financial support to their adult […]

Ameriprise Study: Retirees Find It Challenging to Spend What They’ve Saved

For many retirees spending their nest egg after years of focus on accumulation is a major transition. Artemis client Ameriprise released the results of their Making Money Last study, which details how retirees are handling their finances, earlier this week. Major findings include the following: Nearly seven in 10 respondents have not begun to withdraw their money, aside from […]

Financial Life Stages Research, Ameriprise

In a study conducted by Artemis called Ages, Stages & Money, client Ameriprise Financial looked at financial life stages. They found that investors across five decades feel confident about their financial journey, despite setbacks and fears. Significant financial setbacks are common across generations of Americans and that different generations tend to have different causes and effects […]