Ameriprise study financial priorities shifted due to pandemic

The Pandemic Has Shifted Financial Priorities, Ameriprise Study

Our client Ameriprise recently released results of a study we conducted for them, which looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the financial priorities of investors.

Key findings include the following:

  • Over 60% of respondents said the pandemic has heightened the importance they place on protecting their assets and preparing for financial uncertainty. Many believe they’ll continue to be cautious going forward.
  • The pandemic has heightened investors’ engagement in their financial lives and prompted many to take actions that they may have otherwise put off:

Ameriprise study financial priorities changed due to pandemic

  • While other priorities have shifted, preparing for retirement remained important for most survey participants.
  • Some investors are having more money discussions with relatives, including 30% of parents who say they are discussing finances more with their children.

Importantly, most investors expect they’ll carry these newfound financial priorities into the future.

Learn more about the pandemic’s effect on financial priorities at the summary on the Ameriprise website. For more context, see this study from summer 2020 in which Ameriprise looked at how Americans overcome financial setbacks.