Millionaires' financial tips: looking at investments on a laptop and mobile phone

Millionaires’ Financial Tips, Ameriprise Study

Our clients at Ameriprise recently released the results of a study we conducted with them about how millionaires built their savings.

The headline finding: Investors with $1 million or more say “financial planning and investing” is the No. 1 action that helped them build wealth, followed by “making a good income” and “living within my means”

Other notable results include the following:

  • Most millionaires (85%) agreed that wealth means having a sense of financial security. 
  • Most millionaires (92%) don’t consider themselves wealthy.
  • Millionaires’ financial priorities differ from less affluent investors. Investors with more than $1 million revealed that their top financial priorities is “protecting accumulated wealth” (62%).

For more of our work with Ameriprise, see the results of this 2022 study on generational wealth.

Photo by Joshua Mayo on Unsplash