Financial attitudes are shifting: A multi-generational family photo

Financial Attitudes and Behaviors Are Shifting, According to Ameriprise Modern Money Study

The Ameriprise Modern Money study, a recently released study that we conducted, finds that financial attitudes and behaviors are shifting. Overall, investors feel financially confident, but worry about the next generation in their family.

Additional findings include the following:

  • Parents are increasingly helping their kids financially. Parents are providing more financial support to their adult children than they received from their own parents. For example: Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of respondents say their parents helped them pay for their college education. However, 87 percent of respondents say they have or plan to help their own children pay for college.
  • Talking about money is more acceptable than ever. While half (51 percent) of investors think discussions around money are still as taboo today as they were a decade ago, younger generations are more open to discussing money matters with others.
  • Most investors (70 percent) say owning a home is as good of an investment as it was a decade ago. The clear majority (92 percent) of respondents are homeowners.

Learn more by visiting Ameriprise’s Modern Money research page, and view a fantastic infographic summarizing the findings here [JPG]. Also, head to our resources page for more primary research on Americans’ attitudes about money. (Request to download the ebooks ‘Americans and Their Money’ and ‘From Confidently Anxious to Practically Confident: How Americans of Different Generations Feel About Money’.)