She’s Just Not That Into You

What women value about money and how they make financial decisions

We’ve been conducting a series of webinars to report on what we’ve found as we dig further into the health and financial motivation research that is the core of the Artemis MOTIVATIONS ASSESSMENT PROGRAMTM (MAP).  Our most recent round of analysis probed differences in financial priorities and motivations between men and women. Our starting point is always that men and women have a lot more similarities than differences in the way they approach their finances. In quite a number of respects there are more differences across age groups and other characteristics of Americans. Nevertheless, if our task is to communicate effectively in the financial realm, it’s worth understanding the nuances of differences in the ways that men and women approach the topic.

And there are differences. The chart below, drawn from the webinar report, highlights some of the most common distinctions. What stands out? While they focus on many of the same financial elements and issues as men, women tend to be motivated by a different mixture of personal values when they make financial decisions. Because good communication always should strive to tap into higher-order emotional and values dimensions, it stands to reason that effective financial communications will adjust to the more family-security focused orientation of women.


For a summary of our MAP work, send us an email, and we’ll share our research. For more on this subject look for our upcoming webinar: Mapping the Intersection of Attitudes on Health and Wealth.