86% of women wish they could do more to create positive social change, Fidelity Charitable 2021 women and giving study

Women and Giving in 2021, Fidelity Charitable Study

Our client Fidelity Charitable recently published results from their 2021 Women and Giving study. The data outlines a picture of women’s giving that is fueled by empathy—in addition to revealing opportunities for women to hone their approach and implement more sophisticated giving strategies.

Key takeaways include the following:

  • Women are highly active and engaged in charitable giving. Nearly nine-in-ten women wish they could be doing more to create positive social change. And women used a variety of ways of giving back.
  • For both men and younger women, the pandemic made giving a greater priority. Half of Millennial women said that the COVID-19 crisis made charitable giving a bigger priority in their lives, compared to 31 percent of Gen X women and 25 percent of Baby Boomer women.
  • Women lag men in participation in charitable investment strategies and knowledge about tax-savvy approaches to giving.
  • Both age and gender are important factors in depicting how donors approach giving. Generational change is quickly shifting the philanthropic landscape—but not necessarily closing the gender gap related to charitable planning strategies.

Visit the Fidelity Charitable 2021 Women and Giving study landing page for more details, or download the full report [PDF].

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