Travel innovation: CWT infographic depicting how business travelers embrace innovation

Business Travelers Welcome Travel Innovation, According to CWT Study

Our recent study for client CWT, in which we measured how global business travelers feel about travel innovation, was recently published. The research revealed that 71% of business travelers worldwide embrace travel innovation, especially innovations that make their journey easier and allow them to be well connected throughout their trip.

Detailed findings include the following:

  • Travelers from the Americas and Asia Pacific are more likely to favor travel innovations, 75% and 71% respectively.
  • Europeans are warier – 7% state reluctance to embrace travel innovation versus 5% of Asia Pacific and 3% of Americas travelers.
  • Younger business travelers in Asia Pacific are more likely to use travel innovations than older APAC travelers, but this is not the case in Europe and the Americas.
  • The top three most important devices to bring for business travelers are cell phones (81%), computers (52%), and portable battery chargers (41%).

Learn more by visiting CWT’s announcement on their website. Our recent studies on business traveler preferences, values, and concerns for CWT include insights on business traveler creativity and productivity, booking business travel, hotel safety, ground transportation and data security.