The pain points of business travel: an infographic from CWT

The Pain Points of Business Travel, CWT Study

In our recent study for client CWT, respondents said that ​homelife deterioration and putting pressure on colleagues are the two biggest pain points of business travel.

Detailed findings include the following:

  • Of all business travelers, 22% believe their business travel commitments erode the quality of their relationships and homelife.
  • On the professional side, 22% feel guilty that their colleagues have to bear the load of their work whilst absent, 21% stress over spending too much time with coworkers or clients, and 14% are concerned about the difficulty of staying in touch with people in their main office.
  • Boomers in Asia Pacific and Europe are more likely to say that home and personal relationships suffer when they travel. However, in the Americas, Gen X travelers take the lead.
  • Among all generations, Gen X travelers are most worried about colleagues picking up the slack.


The pain points of business travel by region: an infographic from CWT


Learn more by visiting CWT’s announcement on their website. Our recent studies on business traveler preferences, values, and concerns for CWT include insights on the upside of business travel, business travers’ health-consciousness during trips, travel innovation, business traveler creativity and productivity, booking business travel, hotel safety, ground transportation and data security.