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Market Conditions & Inflation Concern Next Generation of Retirees, Global Atlantic Investor Outlook Study

Our client Global Atlantic recently released results from a study we conducted on the outlook of the next generation of retirees, defined as those without a traditional pension.

These are some of the biggest takeaways:

  • Nearly nine in ten (87%) have recently experienced “sticker shock” when purchasing groceries, dining out, or traveling.
  • This group is divided on their outlook for the economy in 2022: two in five (41%) are optimistic about the outlook of the economy this year, 40% are pessimistic, and 19% are neutral.
  • Most (71%) are concerned that low interest rates on financial products will negatively affect their ability to grow their retirement assets.
  • Over six in ten (61%) believe that low interest rates, combined with rising inflation, will make it harder to create a retirement income stream that will last their lifetimes.

Learn more by reading Global Atlantic’s full release on Business Wire.

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The survey was conducted in January 2022, as an online quantitative study we conducted among 1,023 investors ages 55 to 70 with assets of $250k to $2 million and no pension. This sample represents a critical group in transition: a new generation that will retire without a pension. Global Atlantic estimates that there are about 7 million households (or 12 million people) in the U.S. who have between $250k and $2 million and do not have a pension.