Every marketing research firm worth its salt can describe the who, what, where, when and how of the matter. Artemis Strategy Group enables you to understand why people think and behave. We equip you to change the who, what, where, when and how.

Our Motivation Research approach addresses the whys behind behavior and enables effective communications and marketing strategies. Our expertise is split between strategic/business market research and public release or thought leadership studies.

We are a marketing research firm focused on motivations. We are hands-on researchers, and we will work closely with you to make sure our research helps you fulfill your mission.

Contact one of our partners today, and we’ll start brainstorming pathways to help you reach your goal.

Anne Aldrich


Anne Aldrich - Partner - Marketing Research Firm

Anne, a founding partner of Artemis Strategy Group, applies her broad research experience and passion for understanding what makes people tick to craft our research assignments into powerful tools for our clients. Whether in support of marketing/communications strategy, tactical development or assessment, or helping clients build research-based thought leadership programs, Anne is highly attuned to meeting client priorities and making it easy to work with us. Read more about Anne.

Dave Richardson


Dave Richardson

Dave and the other founding partners of Artemis created this firm to continue their passion for designing and conducting great research that helps build effective messaging and communications campaigns for marketing and policy programs. Prior to starting Artemis in 2006, Dave was President of Wirthlin Worldwide and then Group President of Harris Interactive when it acquired Wirthlin Worldwide in 2004. Read more about Dave.

Jon DeWitt


Jon Dewitt

Jon is a founding partner with Artemis Strategy Group. His research experience over the past 30 years has covered a broad range of topics for a diverse set of commercial, not-for-profit and public policy clients. His particular focus is brand strategy and communications using a motivations framework based upon personal values. Read more about Jon.

Christine LePottier

Partner, Director of Analytics and Methods

Christine LePottier photo

Christine is Artemis’ chief methodologist and research team leader. Drawing on her strong statistical foundation and over 20 years of experience in strategic market research design and analysis, Christine conducts the core analytical tasks supporting Artemis’ brand strategy and motivational analysis initiatives. Read more about Christine.

Julie Paasche

Research Director

Julie Paasche

Julie is a seasoned research manager and relationship builder who understands that strong communication leads to success. Her clients note that she has the rare ability to take in and process a multitude of facts and details and focus on what’s most important. Read more about Julie.

Karin Patterson

Research Director

Karin’s systems integration expertise gives her a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing and interpreting data. As project manager, she draws on her 20-year consulting background across numerous industries to creatively apply best practices for value-driven, innovative client solutions. Read more about Karin.

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