Millennials are the most active impact investors

Impact Investing in 2022, Fidelity Charitable Study

Our client Fidelity Charitable recently published results from a study we conducted on impact investing.

These are some of the top findings:

  • Millennials are embracing impact investing. They are the most active generation, with 6 in 10 Millennials actively involved in impact investing.
  • 62% of Millennials believe that impact investments have more power to create change than traditional charity.
  • Across all generations, investors are looking to expand their impact allocations in the next year—and others could get started for the first time. 40% of those who have not made an impact investment are likely to consider trying it in the next year.

For a more detailed look, read the overview on Fidelity Charitable’s website, or download the full study as a PDF here.

We conducted five studies on giving attitudes and behaviors for Fidelity Charitable in 2021. The first was on the future of philanthropy, the second looked at women and giving, the third assessed COVID’s impact on giving, the fourth was a study on cryptocurrency and philanthropy, and the fifth dug into year-end charitable giving.