Donors plan continued support for issues highlighted by COVID-19: cures for diseases, hunger, local community needs

How COVID-19 Will Influence Giving, Fidelity Charitable Study

Our client Fidelity Charitable recently published results from their study on donors’ current attitudes toward giving in 2021 and beyond. We found that the significant shifts in giving behaviors and priorities that began in 2020, and were greatly influenced by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, endure for now.

Conducted in July and early August of 2021, the study underscored the following key takeaways:

  • 9 in 10 donors plan to give the same or more in 2021 than they did in 2020. 
  • Donors plan to continue to support the causes that the pandemic spotlighted: curing diseases, addressing hunger and responding to local community needs.
  • One-third of donors think that 2020 will have a long-term impact on their approach to charitable giving.

Visit the study landing page for more details, or explore the data in this report [PDF].

This is the third study we’ve conducted on giving attitudes and behaviors for Fidelity Charitable this year. The first, on the future of philanthropy, was published in the spring. The second looked at women and giving and was published in the summer.