COVID-19 vaccine perceptions

COVID-19 Vaccine Perceptions in North Carolina

In December of 2020 Artemis, through our long-term strategic partner Neimand Collaborative, undertook a large-scale research project for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). The purpose of the research was to measure initial intentions among residents to get the newly arriving COVID-19 vaccines, and to understand the trade-offs people make between perceived risks and rewards of the taking the vaccine.

Of particular interest to the NCDHHS were the perceptions and intentions of historically marginalized populations (HMP’s) within the state, such as African Americans/Blacks, Hispanics/LatinX, American Indians, newly arrived immigrants and the rural poor. Our research, both quantitative and qualitative, helped chart the communications messaging and execution as the NCDHHS seeks to fulfill its goal of mass vaccinations.

Throughout 2021, Artemis will conduct periodic tracking studies to measure progress and to inform necessary adjustments to the communications effort. 

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