Mapping Trends: Making Connections Between Health and Finance

We recently conducted focus groups about trends that have the most influence in the health and finance sectors as part of our MOTIVATIONS ASSESSMENT PROGRAMTM (MAP). We are happy to report that we’re conducting another round of our MAP work, which is an initiative based on our primary, proprietary research to develop insights and practical tools that inspire marketing and communications leaders. Here are some early findings. More to come in the next few months!

We learned that people view health and finance as considerably connected:

  • Concerns about both generate loads of anxiety
  • Near constant information streams through digital channels are overwhelming
  • People are working to quiet the storm of input and filter the information and recommendations
  • People seek a careful balance between present and future needs, and are adapting—as best they can—to the complexity and uncertainty of our world
  • When it comes to financial and health goals, people are not emphasizing hitting any particular targets, rather getting to a state of contentment at each milestone along the journey is key
  • Flexibility is viewed as essential to both financial and physical well being
  • With so much anxiety and information, people ultimately are seeking peace of mind regarding their health and finances, but the paths they take may be very different
  • Some seek control through information while others find assurance and control through professional advice regarding their health and finances

As we continue to think through our findings from this exercise we’ll share insights through our MOTIVATIONS ASSESSMENT PROGRAM™ (MAP) research and publications. Stay tuned!