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Segmentation for Strategic Decisions

Segmenting audiences into discrete groups can be helpful when an organization is faced with strategic marketing questions such as:

  • Who are our best prospects?
  • Is there an opportunity to better address consumer needs?
  • How do we grow our customer base?
  • How do we encourage consumers to engage with us more or in different ways?

We offer several forms of segmentation analysis (attitudinal, behavioral, demographic) but our specialty is motivational segmentation using our means-end framework. It is heavily focused on personal needs, interests, style and motivation. Ultimately this research focuses on why people make the decisions they do.

Segmentation for Thought Leadership

Some find it helpful to demonstrate their own thought leadership in a topic or industry by conducting segmentation analysis designed to answer question such as:

  • How can we group people according to how they react to a situation or life event?
  • How do we create an interactive tool to encourage people to explore a product or solution?
  • How can we create personality profiles to show people what kind of shopper, investor, parent, planner, student, etc. they are?

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Alliance for Lifetime Income Segmentation Research

Artemis conducted a comprehensive retirement segmentation study for the Alliance for Lifetime Income so that Americans can identify their financial planning personality and tendencies, have a clear direction for improving their planning, and be able to work with their financial professional to design a personalized retirement income plan. See the quiz on ALI’s website here.

Artemis MAP Segmentation Research: How the Pandemic Has Changed Us

The noteworthy aspect of the pandemic, and how it has affected different segments of society, is that the change has been both universal and multi-faceted, touching many aspects of our lives: work, play, education, finance, health and more.

At Artemis we wanted to understand how this mixture of forces plays out across the population, so we conducted a comprehensive study to see how the pandemic changed us. We identified four unique segments of people who are responding to the ongoing pandemic in similar ways.

Take this 5-minute quiz to see which of the four segments you are most likely to be in. You’ll be able to see how those like you responded to the pandemic in many aspects of their lives, and how they are currently feeling in this transformative time.


Screenshots of the 'how the pandemic has changed us' quiz