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How Do You Bring Discipline to Strategic Communications?

Communications strategy measurement: Bringing discipline to strategic communications at The United States Military Academy at West Point

The Situation

west_point_coat_of_armsGuided by its outside communications advisory committee, West Point Military Academy’s communications group contracted with Artemis Strategy Group to do communications strategy measurement. The goal was to provide an assessment of the effectiveness of the Academy’s strategic communications.

Our Recommendation

We divided that into tactical message opportunities as well as an overview aimed at a set of strategic imperatives for the Academy’s communications. The assignment involved external surveys, media analysis and extensive internal interviews among key department leaders.

The Outcome

Artemis delivered a set of seven strategic imperatives built around the strategy concepts of reinforcing key benefits, refocusing some of the Academy’s strongest equities and redefining some critical weaknesses.

One of our success metrics on this assignment was the number of times Artemis was invited back to the Academy and to alumni meetings to deliver our message about discipline.